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Meet Amyleigh...

The pint sized northerner living down in the south east of England who tries to write the odd funny and interesting post here at Northern Blood. Nice to meet you!

About Me: Well I'm never too good at these sorts of things but here's the basics. I'm from my beloved north east of England but moved south to Winchester over four years ago and haven't looked back. I'm shy, an introvert, yet seem to be involved in all the gossip and agony aunt style conversations at work so I guess I'm pretty approachable! I'm a qualified archaeologist and secondary school teacher but I'm still trying to stumble my way through this vast void of unknowing we commonly call "your 20s". As a mega fan of personal style and a good matte lipstick, you might have guessed most posts on NB will reflect these sorts of things. But rest assured, as an avid video gamer, a curiosities enthusiast, drawer and painter, traveller, and a book worm to boot, there will be numerous lifestyle and miscellaneous posts thrown in there to shake things up a bit too. I'm trying to put a positive spin on everything as I can be a little bit of a rain cloud on my own parade, so there's also going to be a lot more positivity and wellness posts showing up around here this year, too.

Grab a hot brew, a biscuit or two, and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.
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